Data Privacy Policy

NICC DOCTORS HOSPITAL takes seriously in protecting your personal information and keeping your privacy.
This notice provides you information on how we handle your Personal Data, including the purposes for which we collect, use, and disclose them and your rights as Data Subject.

What personal data do we collect from you?
Our doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel who are taking care of you, may collect document, use and store your personal information and health information to ensure that you will be given the highest possible quality of patient care that you deserve. These personal information and health information may include the following:

  • Basic personal information, such as but not limited to your name, address, date of birth, sex, religious affiliation, contact information, occupation, marital status, citizenship.
  • Relevant contact information of your relatives, guardian, or next of kin.
  • Chief Complaint(s).
  • Medical history (such as, but not limited to, date of previous admission, existing illness, medication intake)
  • Vital signs (Blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate)
  • Result of x-rays, scans, laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures
  • Other information as necessary

Our hospital is also equipped with CCTV cameras to help us ensure safety and security of the patients, the employees and the establishment.

How and When do we collect your data?
It is important that we collect accurate, and timely information about you in both electronic and paper-based forms, before implementing the healthcare services that you are availing. If you feel that some of the information, we collect are not necessary, please feel free to ask any of our healthcare staff or Patient Service Representatives so that they can explain to you why the information is needed and requested from you.

Why do we collect personal data about you?
For Medical treatment
For Reporting Requirements
For Admission and billing, and claims processing
For Historical, statistical, or scientific purpose.

We will be obtaining an informed consent from you or your authorized representative prior to the use of your personal data for any purposes other than those stated above, such as trainings, researches, and direct marketing.

Do we share your personal data to other institution or organization?
Yes, there are instances that we share your personal data to government agencies which lawfully collects information. For instance, the Department of Health requires submission of relevant personal information of patients with certain non-communicable and/or communicable disease, injuries, etc., for purposes of disease surveillance and monitoring.

We may also share personal information to fulfil legal mandate(s) like when ordered lawfully to do so by a court or a government agency or public authority.

We may also share personal information with our service providers, partners, affiliates, and related entities who provide products and services to the Hospital for the same purpose as explained above.

How do we secure your personal data? How long will we keep your data?
Only authorized personnel have access to your personal information in our files.

We have set up adequate technical, physical, and organizational security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access and disclosure.

We store your personal data in accordance with period guidelines and limitations provided by the Department of Health for retention of medical records.

As Data Subject – You may avail of the guaranties provided by Section 16 of R.A. 10173or The Data Privacy Act of 2012 which includes the following rights.

    • Rights to request a copy of personal and health information that we hold about you, as well as to ask for it to be corrected if you think there is anything wrong.
    • Rights to object to, or withdraw consent that may have been given for, certain processing like direct marketing, trainings, or researches.
    • Rights to suspend, withdraw, or order blocking, removal or destruction of your personal data from our filing system if you have substantial proof that your rights are violated, or that your data are incomplete, false, or unlawfully obtained; or processed for unauthorized or unlawful purpose.
    • Rights to be indemnified for damages you may have sustained due to inaccurate, incomplete, false or unauthorized use of your personal data.
    • Transmissibility of your Rights. Upon death or incapacity, your rights may be transferred to your lawful heirs.

How can you contact us?
If you have complaints or questions, you may direct your concerns to the Health Information Management Services Located at 2nd Floor NICC OPD Bldg. (054) 472-6040/472-7252 Loc 1014.
If you think your concerns are not acted upon, you may email NICC Doctors Hospital Data Protection Officer at [email protected]
In case we are unable to address your concern, you have the right to file a complaint to National Privacy Commission.