Patient Guide during Admission

FOOD & DIETARY SERVICE: Patient meals are planned by professional dietitians as prescribed by physicians.

Schedule of Meals:

  • Breakfast: 6:00 am – 7:30 am
  • Lunch: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Supper: 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Extra tray for watchers with an additional charge may be requested from the dietary department. *Food deliveries from external services are allowed but should be claimed in the lobby.*

WATCHERS: Patients are allowed to have only two (2) watchers only. A recommendation to have more than two watchers will depend on patient’s condition and authority of the attending physician/s. For security purposes, watchers should wear/present the NDH issued watcher’s ID when entering the hospital.

17 years old below and 60 years old above are not allowed..


CURFEW HOURS: 9:00 PM- 5:00 AM

HOUSE KEEPING: Regular daily housekeeping will be provided.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: The hospital follows a strict waste management policy. Non-biodegradable waste should be placed in black bin, biodegradable in green trash bin, infectious waste in yellow trash bin.

EMERGENCIES/CALL SYSTEM: In case of emergency, contact the Nurse Station. Please check the floor plan for the location of the nearest emergency exits, and fire extinguishers.

PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES: Gambling, cooking, smoking, and drinking of alcohol beverages are strictly prohibited in the hospital. Firearms must be deposited with our Security Guards.

PARTIAL STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT:  We have provided a kiosk at the lobby where you can conveniently check your partial Statement of Account (SOA) anytime by using the barcode issued to you by our Admitting Section. Printout shall be sent to you when needed.