Patient Guide on Discharge

CHECK OUT AND DISCHARGE: Patients will be discharged upon attending physician’s order which is written on your chart. Should you decide to be discharged against your physician’s advice, please secure RELEASE FROM RESPONSIBILITY FORM from the Nurse on duty. You may check out upon setting your account al the billing section.

SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT: Proceed to the Billing Section in the main lobby from 8:00am- 7:00pm ONLY for your FINAL BILL.
Please pay at the Cashier Section and always ask for the official receipt(s) for all the payments made.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: You may settle your bill by paying Cash or by using your Debit/Credit cards. Installment plans for BPI and BDO credit cardholders are available to give you financial flexibility. We also accepts cashless payments via Gcash, Paymaya, GrabPay, and BDOpay.

CHEQUES: Personal and company cheques are not accepted unless with approval from the Administrative Officer.

DISCHARGE SLIP: the billing section will issue one (1) copy of discharge slip which you will present to the NOD, Admitting Section, and/or Security Guard together with your watcher’s ID.

PATIENT’S SATISFACTION SURVEY  : We highly value your opinion and are always on the lookout for improvements. Kindly answer the Patient’s Viewpoint Form and drops it on the feedback drop box.